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Why invest in gold with GoldEra?

One of the most important features of Gold Era is that the ingots are provided with a safe cover and stamped by the Egyptian Stamp and Scales Authority to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the weight and caliber, on which all the ingot data is recorded. “Weight, chain of ownership”

The first ingot equipped with a QR Code to save the owner’s data in case of loss or theft.

Gold Era is unique in the Egyptian market in the manufacture of ingots of precise sizes from a quarter gram and half a gram to suit investment for all different categories.

In the event of a sale, Gold Air ingots can be sold inside and outside Egypt, due to the presence of our branches in Egypt and abroad.

corporate services

Gold Era provides various benefits to companies, such as saving gold as a source of savings for investment companies, or by providing Gold Era products that companies offer as gifts and incentives to their employees.

Merchant services

Gold Era provides the online ordering service for merchants, in order to serve you with more speed and smoothness, we have provided you with this service to enable you to carry out your order electronically through this platform.

Gold Trading

You can open an account in the Egyptian side and invest at the local price of the Egyptian market on global platforms through the Gold Era application, and you can also trade in gold by carrying out buying and selling operations on the global price of gold through the MT5 Application.

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Buy our gold bullion bars and receive free delivery on all orders throughout the Egypt. As an alternative, when you buy gold bars from The Gold Era, many of our customers choose the convenience of storing their gold bar investment in our side.

We Create Gold Bars

what we do

Gold Era is operational with a variable portfolio in the gold business; trading, export and import, risk management, security services, and end-user vending.

Our Gold Products Selection

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State of the art platform

Gold Era Teader


Gold Era Trader



GoldEra is pleased to provide a specialist secure
online trade platform solution which will enable
the clients to open Gold Investment Accounts,
buy and sell physical Gold at spot price

Reports and Analysis


Gold Era aim to streamline the process completely and provide an end to end, one stop service to clients from open account phase to services selection and Implementation.

Unique service to our unique clients

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