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All of our jewellery is handmade with fairmined gold in our workshop in France


New thinking in gold trading

Gold Era Egyptian joint stock company 1-1-19445-20

It was established in 2020. It obtained its licenses in accordance with Egyptian law from the Investment Authority, Stamp and Scales Authority No. 455497.

Gold Era works in the field of gold industry, 24 karat gold bullion, 21 karat gold coins, and gold import and export.

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Our principle

Constant striving to satisfy our customers by providing the best investment methods through continuous development and building an urgent and permanent joint relationship with them


We strive to be your reference and first choice for all your investments in gold and your safe source for investing with confidence

Our vision

We seek to spread the culture of safe savings and build wealth by investing in bullion and gold coins

Gold shapes from Gold Era

Gold Era gold bullion

24 karat gold bars (purity 999.9) are available in different sizes, from grams to kilograms, to suit all sizes of investment portfolios.

Gold era gold coins

21 karat gold coins (purity 875) are available in the shapes of King George V and Queen Elizabeth II, available in different sizes starting from 2 grams to 8 grams, suitable for owners of small wallets

Our Founder

Our team

Osama Zar'ey
Economist, general technical analyst, and general manager of Gold Era branches
Ahmed Fahim
General Counsel for Gold Era Group of Companies
John Luca
Economist and CEO of Gold Era
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